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Academic Outcomes 
Academic Registry 
Centre for Enhancement of L&T 
Chief Operating Officer's Office 
Employment Outcomes 
Executive Office 
Guildhall School of Business and Law 
Human Resources 
Information and Technology Services 
International Office 
Library Services 
Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
One Campus One Community 
Planning and Strategy 
Quality Enhancement Unit 
Safety & Environment 
School of Computing and Digital Media 
School of Human Sciences 
School of Social Professions 
School of Social Sciences 
Sponsorship Compliance 
Strategic Programmes Office 
Student Journey 
The Cass 
VC's Office 
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Administrative Occupations: Finance 
Administrative Occupations: Government and Related Organisations 
Administrative Occupations: Office Managers and Supervisors 
Administrative Occupations: Records 
Agricultural and Related Trades 
Animal Care and Control Services 
Architects, Town Planners and Surveyors 
Artistic, Literary and Media Occupations 
Assemblers and Routine Operatives 
Building Finishing Trades 
Business, Finance and Related Associate Professionals 
Business, Research and Administrative Professionals 
Caring Personal Services 
Chief Executives and Senior Officials 
Childcare and Related Personal Services 
Cleaning and Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors 
Conservation and Environment Professionals 
Conservation and Environmental Associate Professionals 
Construction Operatives 
Construction and Building Trades 
Construction and Building Trades Supervisors 
Customer Service Managers and Supervisors 
Customer Service Occupations 
Design Occupations 
Draughtspersons and Related Architectural Technicians 
Electrical and Electronic Trades 
Elementary Administration Occupations 
Elementary Agricultural Occupations 
Elementary Cleaning Occupations 
Elementary Construction Occupations 
Elementary Process Plant Occupations 
Elementary Sales Occupations 
Elementary Security Occupations 
Elementary Storage Occupations 
Engineering Professionals 
Financial Institution Managers and Directors 
Food Preparation and Hospitality Trades 
Functional Managers and Directors 
Hairdressers and Related Services 
Health Associate Professionals 
Health Professionals 
Health and Social Services Managers and Directors 
Housekeeping and Related Services 
Information Technology Technicians 
Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals 
Legal Associate Professionals 
Legal Professionals 
Leisure and Travel Services 
Librarians and Related Professionals 
Managers and Directors in Retail and Wholesale 
Managers and Directors in Transport and Logistics 
Managers and Proprietors in Agriculture Related Services 
Managers and Proprietors in Health and Care Services 
Managers and Proprietors in Hospitality and Leisure Services 
Managers and Proprietors in Other Services 
Media Professionals 
Metal Forming, Welding and Related Trades 
Metal Machining, Fitting and Instrument Making Trades 
Mobile Machine Drivers and Operatives 
Natural and Social Science Professionals 
Nursing and Midwifery Professionals 
Other Administrative Occupations 
Other Drivers and Transport Operatives 
Other Elementary Services Occupations 
Other Skilled Trades 
Plant and Machine Operatives 
Printing Trades 
Process Operatives 
Production Managers and Directors 
Protective Service Occupations 
Public Services and Other Associate Professionals 
Quality and Regulatory Professionals 
Research and Development Managers 
Road Transport Drivers 
Sales Assistants and Retail Cashiers 
Sales Related Occupations 
Sales Supervisors 
Sales, Marketing and Related Associate Professionals 
Science, Engineering and Production Technicians 
Secretarial and Related Occupations 
Senior Officers in Protective Services 
Skilled Metal, Electrical and Electronic Trades Supervisors 
Sports and Fitness Occupations 
Teaching and Educational Professionals 
Textiles and Garments Trades 
Therapy Professionals 
Transport Associate Professionals 
Vehicle Trades 
Welfare Professionals 
Welfare and Housing Associate Professionals 
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